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Mahatma Yoga Foundation

Established by yogi Aum Ishwara & Yogi Ji , Mahatma Yoga Foundation is a non-profit organization built on the path of complete Vedic teachings (ancient Indian philosophy) with the aim to link the split of awareness between the earliest and new worlds  we tend to specialize in teaching and serving our students to concern the yogic values and knowledge in their daily life.
Mahatma Yoga Foundation visualizes imparting and spreading the earliest insight of Yogic and Vedic sciences with the message of love, kindness and noble service as the pathway to self-realization and “Universal peace”.
Mahatma Yoga Foundation is achieving this vision through various charitable trust programs   involving “The Children of Universal Peace” in India and all around the world.

Mahatma Yoga Foundation is completely dedicated to express the basics of the spiritual teachings of traditional yoga (ashtanga) to help you achieve your self-realization as a yoga teacher.
Mahatma Yoga Foundation welcomes and trains twenty five students in each of its beginning sessions.
In order to guarantee the flourishing beginning, The Foundation cares for food composed of Ayurvedic recipes, as well as accommodation and physiological observing of the students.
For this, we generously offer ayurvedic massage sessions to ensure the toning of each student’s body, removing the impacts of exhaustion throughout the beginning and finally allow a full experience to Mahatma Yoga
Mahatma Yoga, as we understanding it, is not the invention of a new modern type of yoga considered to stand out from the conventional type of yoga (or Hatha Yoga), or a marketing product considered to appeal to a market eager for Eastern theology; it represents an Art of Living in all its splendor which combines humanity, esteem, forbearance, kindness, love of self and others.

Special features of Mahatma Yoga Foundation:

·         A divine, peaceful and positive atmosphere.
·         A focus on personal attention, one-to-one guidance and mentoring by experienced teachers.
·         A chance to live and experience true yogic life in a pure and simple environment under the guidance of true yogis and saints.
·         Various guest teachers, saints and masters to give our students different sources of information.
·         Group discussions, conversations and exchange of ideas and experiences for personal and intellectual growth.
·         Proper understanding of Classical Yoga and its four paths, including the practical application of Yoga and its philosophy in daily life.
·         A beautiful area with private beach on the Ganga River (Ganges)
·         Personal corrections and guidance according to each individual’s physical capabilities and ambitions.
·         Information on different subjects such as Ayurveda, Reflexology, Reiki , philosophy, among others.


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